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The mission of the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation is to restore the historical integrity, relevance, quality and appreciation for Denver’s Mountain Parks system; to advocate for it and ensure its future as a recreational, educational and open space resource for the City of Denver: its citizens, neighbors and visitors.

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-The Mountain Parks Need Our Help-
-A Practical Way to Begin the Task-

Another beautiful day in Denver—great for a picnic in the foothills. Lookout Mountain, perhaps, or Genesee—maybe Daniels Park for those wonderful views. But then you find the facilities worn and tattered; even the graffiti looks old...

The Task:
Over 22 square miles of land, miles of scenic drives, twenty-three named parks, beautiful and historic picnic shelters, lodges, museums and a bison and an elk herd are today maintained by eight full-time employees on a mere shoestring budget.
Constrained by tight city budgets, adequately coping with deterioration and increased usage is virtually impossible. In order to restore these jewels in the crown of Denver’s park system, increased funding is necessary.
Current estimates are that “$1.5 million is needed for immediate repairs to prevent serious code violations or public danger, and another $2.5 million is needed to restore the key structures.”

The Foundation:
Unlike other organizations and/or Denver City departments, the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation is solely devoted to this unique resource of city owned mountain park properties. Independent, and with a singular area of concentration, the Foundation is able to completely devote its resources to this import city asset.

How you can help:
Donations, gifts and bequests to the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation are specifically directed to the Mountain Parks through grants applied toward a prioritized multi-year capital improvement plan, collaboratively developed along with the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation.
Your generous contribution to the Foundation will not only restore the parks’ original luster, but ensure their future as a significant part of the recreational and educational future for Denver’s children.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email us at the

Denver Mountain Parks Foundation
Contributions to the Foundation may be made as follows:

Checks may be mailed to
1775 Sherman Street, Suite 1790
Denver, CO 80203

or made electronically through the Denver Foundation:

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